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Special Sessions

Session Details
Special Session ID : 1.01
Special Session Topic : Advocating Technology in Learning Environments: Exploring the Potential of Technology in Fostering Advances in General and Inclusive Education
Dr. Geetika Nidhi
(Session Chair)
Email Id: geetika@iul.ac.in
Mobile Number: 8601758099
Dr. Shruti Kirti Rastogi
(Session Co-Chair)
Email Id: rastogishruti1@gmail.com
Mobile Number: 9454969951
Session Details
Special Session ID : 1.02
Special Session Topic : Emerging Trends in Network Communication
Dr. Saumya Bansal
(Session Chair)
Email Id: saumya.bansal@bvicam.in
Mobile Number: 7982117199
Session Details
Special Session ID : 1.03
Special Session Topic : Scalable Machine Learning for Health Care: Innovations and Applications
Dr Mukesh Kumar
(Session Chair)
Email Id: mukesh.27406@lpu.co.in
Mobile Number:7018003845
Dr Sartaj Singh
(Session Co-Chair)
Email Id: sartaj.singh@lpu.co.in
Mobile Number: 9888198831
Dr Heena Khanna
(Session Co-Chair)
Email Id: heenakhannakalra@gmail.com
Mobile Number: 9888198831
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